Twelve Cities Where You Need Water Purification

Water purification standards in this country are under the jurisdiction of the Environmental Protection Agency. When experts suggest the use of a home water purifier, it is often because those standards are not very strict. Home water purifiers will reduce the risk of biological, chemical and heavy metal contamination in any city, state or country, but in some American cities the risks of contamination is far greater than in others. For safeties sake, read on.

Fire and Water Damage Restoration: Chicago, Hanover Park, Glenview

The Washington Post reported that some city water purification facilities are withholding the results of tests that determine the water’s lead content water damage Chicago. Lead is a toxic heavy metal that causes birth defects and learning disabilities. Long term exposure to even small amounts can damage the kidneys and has been linked to schizophrenia. The metal attacks the nervous system, the blood and the brain. Some household water purifiers can remove those traces of lead.

The Post report went on to say that in New York City, some 9.3 million people have been told that they are safe, when in fact hundreds of test results said otherwise. The city simply hid those results from the regulators. Water purifiers that remove lead are essential for those of you who leave in New York.

In the District of Columbia, the levels of lead are higher than nearly anywhere in the country, but at least the citizens know they are at risk and hopefully they have a good tap water purification system. In Boston and Detroit, the pubic utilities were required to test a number of high risk homes on a regular basis, instead they tested low-risk homes. If you live in either of those cities, you need a water purifier.

In Philadelphia, the decision was made to “toss” a high test result in 2002. In Lansing, Michigan, four tests results were discarded because they would have pushed the lead-content over the federal limit. In Ridgewood, NJ, the water purification facility decided not to inform five residents that they tested high. So, there you have the residents of three more cities that are constantly exposed to dangerously high levels of a toxic metal and no public official will suggest tap water purifiers.

Other cities with questionable testing practices and excessive lead levels include Providence, Yonkers, Seattle and Portland. In Fresno, California, the problem is pesticides and industrial chemicals. San Francisco’s and San Diego’s water purification system exceeds the safe level of THMs, cancer causing by-products of chlorine disinfection. An advanced kitchen water purifier will remove THMs, chlorine, industrial chemicals and pesticides.

In 1993, cryptosporidium contaminated drinking water caused the deaths of 100 residents of Milwaukee. Only a few tap water purifiers can remove crypto cysts. It must be a multi stage system that includes a micron filter. Carbon filters remove chlorine. Multi-media blocks remove other chemical contaminants. Ion particle exchange traps lead. You can get a water purifier that contains all four steps.

A report to the EPA made by the Environmental Working Group said that 14.1 million people are exposed to the herbicides atrazine and alachlor, every time they get a drink from the tap. 11.7 million live in the Corn Belt, which includes every major city south of Chicago. 2.4 million are from the Chesapeake Bay area.