Tips For the Present – Learn From the Past, Plan For the Future

Everybody is in a rush. A rush to do this or that. To get up in the morning, to make breakfast, to dress, to go to school, to work, to go to the gym. In fact everybody is in a hurry to do many things which means everyone has an enormous amount of activities all day long. We manage to convince ourselves that everything we do is all important – and yet somehow as the day ends we are exhausted and are left with a vague feeling that we did not accomplish everything we set out to do.

The reason for this is quite simple. We live in a society that measures success on the basis of accomplishment – and accomplishment is measured on the basis of how much we do or how much we get. In turn we have conditioned ourselves to always think of the next move How to Be Guided in the Present Moment . To accomplish and get more you have to do more, so there is always something else. Another move, another set of actions.

This is where the problems start. We focus our thoughts and energy onto the next thing and not on what we are actually supposed to be doing.

When we focus on the next step, the next activity or our next action, we forget to concentrate and to live 100% that one thing we are doing in that specific moment in time. Pope John Paul II once said that we should learn from the past, plan for the future, but live the present – or words to that effect.

Your brain’s functionalism is a mystery for you, but you can learn what exists inside it and how you can use all its potential.

You may have heard before that the human being uses only a very small percentage of his brain, which is true. This means that he is quite an idiot, who is very far from wisdom and happiness.

If you want to become really intelligent, developing all your capacities and discovering many things that today you cannot imagine, you must learn how to translate the symbolic meaning of your dreams.

When you learn the dream language you’ll be able to understand the unconscious’ messages, which always have a protective character, and this way acquire a third eye, able to predict the future and able to see what exists behind the present moment.

You’ll learn everything about the functionalism of your conscience and discover how to solve all kinds of problems with ease. This is what makes someone intelligent: when he or she is able to successfully solve all problems of life and live happily.

You’ll learn how to avoid following the absurd thoughts of the wild side of your conscience, and at the same time, how to identify the wise messages that come from the unconscious mind, even when you are not sleeping and dreaming.

The nature of the unconscious mind is saintly and this is what will help you recognize the unconscious’ wisdom in your thoughts, and separate them from the absurd suggestions of the anti-conscience, your primitive side.

If you have a literary talent like me, you have the privilege of listening to the unconscious’ voice in your own literature, because the magical inspiration that guides you when you write comes from the wisdom of the unconscious mind, even though this is something that you cannot perceive.

By translating the symbolic meaning of my literary works I was able to decipher the hidden messages of the unconscious mind, which were clearly showing me not only my psychological problems, but also predicting my future.