The Evolution of the Fax Machine and Fax Technology

Fax machines were a great help to the business world when they began to become more popular and affordable. They helped people to communicate faster and more easily. Before that, many people would have to send files in the mail. This could take several days, depending on one’s location, and sometimes things could get lost. Otherwise, they might have delivered files to each other personally, but again, this was not always practical. They could call each other on the telephone, but this wasn’t very helpful if they wanted to share a lot of complex data or charts. Then the fax machine entered the scene. It allows people to send exact replicas of their documents in a matter of minutes, not days or hours. Illustrations, graphs, and any other sort of document could be easily shared and passed back and forth between fax machines.

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Fax machines used to only use regular telephone lines. The cost of getting extra lines could really add up on your business’ monthly phone bill how to send fax from computer windows 10. Besides the monthly cost of having the line, you also had to pay long distance fees any time you send something to a non-local number. These fees could add up pretty quickly, as well.

Later, faxing machines began to go digital. You could buy a fax machine that was relatively small, and it could do more things. Rather than a huge, free-standing machine the size of an average photocopier, a digital fax machine tended to be something that would fit easily on the desk or a shelf. These were often multipurpose machines. You could fax with them by connecting them to your computer modem. You could also use them as a printer and a scanner. These machines tended to be much cheaper than an older faxing machine, but even more importantly, they were cheaper to use. They didn’t require the extra phone line. Since they used your internet connection to send their files, it tended to cost the same amount for any fax you sent, no matter what number you were sending it to. These machines were a much better value, especially for people who were buying their first fax machine.

The switch from these faxing machines to internet faxing has been a gradual change. Many people who spent the money to buy a fax machine are understandably unsure about getting rid of it and going digital. However, you can get adapters for your fax machine so you can use it with an online fax service, even if it is an older, analog type. This will at least allow you to cut the costs of having extra lines and long distance fees. If you don’t have a faxing machine, it’s an even easier choice. You can even save the money you would have spent on the machine, since you just need to have a computer and the internet. Signing up for a service is fast and inexpensive, and sending a fax is just as easy as sending an email.