Online Article Submission Sites and Category Deletions

Article Marketers should be aware that if they are promoting a type of business, which has social issues and controversy attached to it, then there will be the occasional deletion of that category on some online article submission websites. Why you ask?

Well it is simple really if the online article submission site wishes to make good with all its advertisers and be respected as being legitimate then of course it must be somewhat politically correct. And therefore there will be instances where such a category is abused or the entire subject matter is abused out in our society rendering a backlash of negative public sentiment tempat pasang togel online .

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Recently one of the Top Online Article Submission Sites deleted a category called; Gambling. We all know that gambling is somewhat taboo in society and that it can cause economic conflict as it is considered an addiction too. Additionally online gambling is illegal or is crossing gray areas of law and therefore deletion made sense.

Of course for some online article authors they have complained stating that; It is not fair! In actuality these article authors feel singled out and actually they make a good point? If Gambling is gone today; What will be gone tomorrow? Tattoo Category? Politics?

I mean what is offensive to someone could never end actually, for instance Cooking articles are very offensive to ME, because it makes me feel inferior, as I am not a very good cook. Boxing makes me mad too, because I got punched when I was little kid by a bully from the Junior High School down the street and you know Stocks and Bonds category is bad, because I once had a stockbroker try to rip me off. My car broke down in 1992 on my way to my mid terms and so we need to ditch automotive category too?

Anyway you get the point, although in the reality of online article marketing we must also be keenly aware that if the line is pushed too far there will be backlash from advertisers as well as consumers and that means the online article marketing venue will not be taken seriously. Please consider all this in 2006.