Looking At The Different Tankini Brand Names

The tankini is now designed by any designer who has a well known brand and that does not just include Nike, DKNY and Victoria’s secret, because it covers every single famous brand name in clothing from Ralph Lauren to Calvin Klein. There are no exceptions as these designers have seen what the public want and they have responded.

These tankini brands offer immediate access to the buying public as it has never been easier for designers than it is today with the Internet so freely available brand naming suggestions . From discussion forums to blogs, the ability of the designer to get access to the desires of the buying public has resulted in new designs coming out every year.

There has been good press and bad press about these designs and some have been very controversial. For example, the issue that Victoria’s secret had with the Buddhist iconography that they decided to print on the tankini, was pushing the envelope a bit too far for a fashion house. But as they say even bad publicity is good publicity, so the result may have been more sales and only the people who work for Victoria’s secret will know that. The tankini is carried by big famous brand names that have sold for $2500 just for a single swimsuit down to even less than $10, so the choices seem to be limitless.

The Tankini has come about as a result of women’s general anxiety about swimwear and the answer to this question of exposure, because of the invention of the bikini, has certainly been answered with the Tankini. Even if you have had a mastectomy and had one or both your breasts removed, the Tankini is certainly an acceptable option that you can wear, which will not show the results of the surgery. But also, women with small breasts or long torsos, will be able to wear the Tankini swimsuit without feeling exposed.