Kids Parties – Make Your Child’s Birthday Special!

Kids parties… are you looking for some good theme ideas? The yearly birthday celebration is a big deal to kids, they look forward to their birthday as much as they do Christmas! So if you need some theme ideas Mom, here are a few creative and popular ideas for you to think about.

Bowling parties are big this year. You can host it in a bowling alley or right in your own home. To play a game of ten pins you can buy a plastic bowling game, or you can learn how to make one yourself. Serve a bowling ball cake and your sure to “bowl a Strike” where the kids are concerned.

Slumber parties are a kids favorite, both boys and girls, and have been since before you were a kid. Do you remember the fun you had with your friends staying up late, playing games and talking? Watching movies all night…or trying to, and of course for girls, there is the make over. It’s a fun time but be warned Mom, there is going to be lots of giggling! For boys, I always use the sleeping bags! It makes them feel like they are camping out.

Princess parties are perfect for little girls, and it’s a theme that a lot of girls never out grow. I know it’s the popular choice for a Quinceañera or Sweet 16 for teenage girls, and some grown women use it as their wedding theme. Did you know you can actually go to the Cinderella Castle in Disney and get married there? Need a cake idea? Castle cakes are easy to make, so if your into home baking, give it a try. Use frosted ice cream cones as your castle turrets and roll them in sparkling sugar so they glitter. Your princess will really love this theme.

Dora is one of the top ten favorites themes of young kids and so is her cousin Diego. Both these characters have their own TV shows, Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go. Play a fun Treasure hunt game so your guests can be explorers too. Buy a Dora or Diego cake topper and make your own birthday cake. There are also Pinatas of Dora and Diego that are a fun party activity for kids. Buy some little boxes of animal crackers as a favor since Dora and Diego both like animals.

Little kids love Elmo! Elmo is a favorite first birthday theme. In fact, a lot of Sesame Street characters 안전 토토사이트 are popular themes for kids. There’s Big Bird, Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster or you can use all of the Sesame Street friends as a theme with the Sesame Friends pattern of plates and cups. Play Musical chairs to the theme song…”Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?”

Pirate Parties have been pretty popular lately, for girls and boys alike. And why not, they are lots of fun! You can buy accessories with Swashbuckling Pirates on them or you can get pink Pirate plates and accessories for the girls. There are plenty of fun party games you can use with a pirate theme, like Walk The Plank or Pin the eye patch on the Pirate. Treasure Hunt is another game that is perfect for the Pirate theme, after all, X marks the spot. Aaarrgg Matie, ye can even give each guest a name tag that has their very own special pirate name on it and you can teach them some basic pirate phrases!