How You Can Quit Smoking Today

Do you want to know how you can quit smoking today? That’s right, today! Not after weeks, or even months of some fancy smancy therapy, but this very day! I tried to quit, and did hundreds of times, for over 20 years. Then, one afternoon I accidentally found out how to give up cigarettes forever. Here is my story.

Is Vaping Healthier than Smoking?

I was a heavy smoker, smoking at least two packs a day. Like most of you smokers, I tried all the gum, patches and therapy to help me quit Kandypens. The gum was as expensive as cigarettes, the patches made me sick and the therapy made me feel like an idiot. Does any of that sound familiar?

I have a vision problem that does not allow me to drive, so my wife does all the shopping. She was running late one morning, but decided to run to the store for smokes as I was unusually down to a few cigarettes. She bought my brand, but while at the store, ran into a friend she hadn’t seen in over a year. After a lengthy visit she realized how late she was going to be for work and drove straight to her office without dropping off my nasty habits.

If you smoke as much as I did you know my plight! Eight hours with only about 4 cigarettes! Here is what I did. I took the four cigs and cut them into thirds. I then made a schedule designating when I could smoke one of my shortened cancer sticks. I noticed something strange. The smaller version satisfied my cravings for nicotine just fine!

It also got me to thinking. What if I could cut these portions into smaller and smaller units. Would it finally eliminate my desire? To my surprise, it worked! After only a couple of days I really didn’t crave the cigarettes at all. Maybe it was because it was to much work to cut them up. Or, maybe cutting down on the amount of nicotine I was sucking into my lungs actually helped. It really doesn’t matter why it worked, I just know it did.

This method was the best help for my smoking habit I have ever found and it was all created by accident. I have been smoke free for over 5 years now and have never felt better. All I can say is, thank goodness I have a forgetful wife! Try my method for your own smoking habits. You have nothing to lose and a lifetime to gain.

You can’t turn on the television set or open up a magazine without eventually coming across an advertisement promising the next sure cure to smoking cigarettes. Every year there are new patches, pills or other gimmicks. How did I do it? To be blunt: I just quit.

I quit smoking on January 20, 2001. I had been sick for a week with a terrible cold and didn’t smoke for four days. I remember feeling a little edgy by that fifth day. My boss had upset me at work, and I promised myself I would have a cigarette when I got home. I told myself I deserved it.

It was raining that day, and I only went inside my home to throw my purse on the bed, pick up my pack of cigarettes and a lighter and head for the door. My cats were waiting to be fed, but they would have to wait. I went outside and lit up a cigarette.

I had waited five days for this day. But the cigarette tasted terrible. I was getting dizzy since I hadn’t smoked in several days. I decided to smoke it, anyway. As I took my third and fourth hit off my cigarette, I began to feel dizzier and then nauseous.

I looked down at my cigarette, half gone. I just couldn’t smoke anymore. I almost took a drag, then stopped at the thought of becoming sicker and put it out I the little ashtray I kept outside by my door. Could this be my last cigarette?, I asked myself. No, I told myself, I would not be thinking about that tonight.

I woke up the next morning and felt a feeling of lightness. I went on with my day, took a walk on the beach and went shopping. I had quit smoking two packs a day, but I still enjoyed one cigarette late in the day and another right before bed. Bottom line: I still was smoking.

On this day, when I usually enjoyed my first cigarette of the evening, I decided that I would just act as if I already had smoked. When I was ready for bed, I forced negative thoughts from my head. For some reason, this worked. I repeated this routine for the next three days.

I didn’t tell anyone for three months that I hadn’t had a cigarette in quite a while. I thought it important to keep this to myself. I didn’t want any feedback from anyone. Even getting support from someone isn’t what I needed.