How Will The Best Smart Phone Devices Run Our Lives By 2030?

Will it even be a best smart phone device at all? Definitely in card form, probably as a wristband device with two-way visual functions, vast in-memory processing and decision support capabilities and global reach. And quite possibly also configured as a group of embedded chips under your skin on your wrist or shoulder.

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Fitness, medical and dietary issues will be diagnosed for you when you wake up, with prescriptive analytics having set out for you a range of nutrition, exercise and activity options for you, for the day ahead Realme X7 Max 5G.

Your social and work calendars will be optimized and integrated with your networks. Business equivalents of Facebook, such as SAP’s ‘Streamworks’, will set out your work agenda and travel itineraries for you – like having a perfect PA. You can work virtually anywhere, travelling only when your optimized schedule tells you that it will be most convenient and will allow you maximum leisure and personal time.

And evolved social networking life after Facebook and Twitter will allow intelligent selection of interaction and planning, with the select group of family and friends, that you have defined as truly worthy of entering your inner circle.

So away with time-wasting peripheral contacts, as they are handled in an alternative platform. Like LinkedIn for business and Google Plus, for new or less deep friendships.

Just like any product category can be segmented into tiers, the business and social networking functions that run our life through our Smartphone will also offer a hierarchy – different functions, branded networks and different levels of private update, according to which level you allow your contacts to be involved with your life.

And the same will apply to the way you tier your professional contacts and business colleagues.

Literally hundreds of thousands of smart phone apps will also rationalize down, so you can choose the best-of-breed for any need. But the other area of biggest development will be around shopping and finance. Voice activation will instantly prompt your smart device to project a hologram of any item that you are considering buying. Then the alternative vendors will be listed and cross-compared on your device, with details of delivery schedule and the vendor’s history and rating for honoring their order fulfillment time scales.

Branded retailers will still be around, but those who survive will have to compete head-on with a new class of product aggregators. These aggregators will offer huge scale and timed delivery from vast logistics and sourcing capabilities. Consider the evolution of Amazon in the last 15 years, to recognize how new retailing models will emerge with even more consumer satisfaction and security guarantees, over the next 15-20 years.

With optical or voice recognition and personal encryption, you will then make payments and control your finances through your smart phone device, across any required financial services function. You as the consumer will truly be the king. While multi-channel retailers or banks who fail to respond will be confined to history.