How to Wash the Sexy Women Lingerie

Sexy women lingeries is quite important for any woman, which can make a woman to be sexy and confident in an elegant way. However, good lingerie is not easy to get and the price is usually high. That’s why we should give more tender loving care to extend the lingeries’ life when washing. Not all the women can wash lingerie in a correct way. Here are some tips to help you to wash your underwear women lingerie .

Since your Sexy women lingerie is not cheap, it is better to wash them by hand. Put your underwear in a sink full of the warm water and certain Woolite for about a quarter minutes. The quantity of the Woolite should be measured by the instructions on the container, too much of it will break your underwear. The dirt on the garment will be soften and easier to be removed after the soaking in the water. Be careful to avoid the hooks of the garment catching the silk or lace of the underwear.

It is time to rub the garment fabric after socking gently to remove the dirt. Be sure to rub one garment at one time for too many sexy dresses together will hide the dirt and may break the fabric with different materials.

To change the dirty water and rinse the sexy lingeries one by one in the clean cool water for some times until the water become clear. Put the lingeries out of the water and to dry the water with hands tenderly. You can also put the garment in the middle of the two layers of towels to press out the water of the lingerie. Dry the sexy lingeries on the rack in the sun or cool place when most of the water has been removed.

Maybe you don’t like to wash lingerie with your hands for some reasons. The washable laundry bag is the must-have item when washes underwear in the washing machine. Add some Woolite in the water and put all the sexy lingeries inside the bag to put the bag inside the water. Set the washing machine in a gentle wash cycle. Just take the similar way to remove the water of the lingeries and dry them.