Halloween Skin Care Advice: Don’t Have Scary Skin

Halloween is just around the corner. Whether you’re planning on a costume to scare the kids away or a more seductive Halloween get-up to leverage the day to be a little more sexy than usual, you’ll be your best if your skin Happy Halloween 2021 is still in tact when you take the costume off. Unfortunately, Halloween is one of those holidays that can really take a toll on a person’s skin. From sweat and dirt trapped under a mask for hours to the effects of often cheap Halloween makeup, if you’re not careful you can end Halloween wishing that you could just leave your mask on! Here are three tips for having healthy, beautiful skin even after All Hallows Eve.

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Test Your Halloween Makeup for Breakouts and Reactions
Many of us will put on makeup up in quantities and types for Halloween that we wouldn’t normally wear. Unfortunately, for many of us, we may have reactions to that makeup in the form of acne breakouts or even allergic reactions that last for weeks for even months. Don’t make Halloween the first time that you put on and try out your Halloween makeup. Buy your makeup early and then pre-test it on small patches of skin to make sure that you won’t have a frightening reaction to it.

Remove Halloween Makeup Immediately and Wash Your Face as Soon as You Remove Your Mask
Halloween parties can go late into the night, and that can mean being tired and on a crash-down from your candy sugar high when you get home. However, the worst thing that you can then do is to not do a proper skin care routine. If you indulged in Halloween makeup, be sure to remove all of it before you go to bed. Don’t just quickly splash water on your face. Make sure that you remove the makeup with a proper makeup remover and then wash your face to remove any residue. If you wore a mask, be sure to thoroughly wash your face. The mask meant that dirt, oil and dead skin were all trapped against your face for hours. You want to immediately undo any damage that that may have done.

Don’t Eat Too Much Halloween Candy!
Diet and acne breakouts are closely tied together. When you eat tons of Halloween candy, all full of refined sugar, you’re simply asking for a breakout of blemishes. It’s Halloween, and we should all indulge in some fun candy eating. However, don’t go overboard. Not only will too much Halloween candy show up on your waistline, it will leave its mark on your skin as well.

Enjoy all of the festivities of Halloween! Just don’t make Halloween an excuse for your next look in the mirror to be a fright night when you see the impact on your skin! Use proper skin care and watch the candy intake!