5 Great WordPress Blog Features to Increase Your Traffic

If you are looking to build a home based internet business then you may want to consider building your site around WordPress, also known as WordPress. WordPress is a very versatile open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and coupled with a MySQL or Oracle database. Features include a light-weight theme system and a plugin architecture, also called plugins, which allow for numerous customizations. A majority of web designers have used WordPress for their sites, and it can be an easy and economical way to create your own web site. laboradioisotopes.com

One of the most common WordPress benefits that many bloggers enjoy is the ability to set up auto responders. This feature allows you to build a responsive mailing list of subscribers that can be easily managed from within your WordPress blog. One of the best ways to build a mailing list for your online business is through the use of Pingbacks. Pingbacks are simple hypertext link backs that allow you to track back a particular article, video, blog post, or other web content and ping it to various groups and directories.

One of the most important things you need to know about WordPress before you start using it is that it does require a bit of configuration to get started. WordPress requires a user account before it will allow you to do anything else with it, so if you are just setting up one blogging software then you will want to login to your WordPress admin screen and then create a username and password for yourself. Once you have successfully logged in you can then activate your user account. From there you will be able to perform a number of basic functions such as creating and editing blog posts. You will also need to be familiar with the dashboard options that are available to you, because this is where you will perform the basic management functions of your blog.

WordPress utilizes a custom made administration screen which is where you will control what gets published and how it gets published. If you do not know how to perform any of the basic functions or editing, then you should not worry because most of the functions are explained within the WordPress Dashboard. It is very important that you learn to utilize the dashboard because this is where you will manage your blogs and keep track of your daily activities.

There are some must-have features of any good WordPress blog site that will help you be more productive while you are using your WordPress blog site. One of these features is known as All-in-One SEO Packages. This is a set of SEO optimization tools that will allow you to optimize your current web content to make it search engine friendly.

Another must-have feature of a WordPress blog is the option. The permalinks feature will allow you to create links from one webpage to another within the blog content. WordPress also allows you to include the permalinks of your subdomains within the text area of the Permalink. Allowing for easy linking throughout your entire blog and onto other websites and social media platforms.

Some of the best blogging tools on a WordPress blog site are the ability to set up your own auto-responder series and the option to include social media links in the text area of your posts. This allows you to easily build relationships with your readers and allows them to subscribe to your email newsletter via an RSS feed. Your readers will be able to subscribe to your feeds via email and it will also work for any social media accounts they have. This will also allow you to build relationships with your subscribers of other blogs or websites that can benefit your own blog site.

You can also give your reader real-time permission to leave comments on your blogs. WordPress will allow you to specify a maximum amount of characters that you want your author to leave in their comment. You can also restrict comments to a certain number of new posts, days, or even hours. Allowing your audience to interact with you and provide their input has never been easier.