5 Fundamental Cooking Techniques You Should Introduce to Your Children

Cooking is a fundamental life skill all people must learn, and it must be taught at an early age. You see, teaching kids how to cook is beneficial. First cause and effect examples, cooking boosts self-esteem. Seeing and hearing other people eat and praise the food you prepared is a very pleasant experience. On top of that, this activity can sharpen your kids’ academic knowledge and skills. Cooking involves Math (counting and measuring), Science (compounding and chemical changes), Language (reading and vocabulary), Art (food presentation), and even Motor Skills (kneading and chopping). And as a bonus, teaching your kids how to cook is a good opportunity for you to bond.

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Frying, is among one of the easiest cooking techniques that you can teach your kids. Probably the safest and easiest food that you can fry is chicken fingers. Unlike fish and pork, oil does not splatter too much whenever chicken fingers are being fried. It is advisable for you to let your kid fry high quality chicken fingers such as the ones freshly prepared from Magnolia Chicken Station.

Food Preparation and Oven Roasting

If you have an oven, it will be a good idea to teach your child how to oven-roast chicken. The cooking time might be long, but the preparation and anticipation of a fully-cooked whole chicken can teach them a lot of things. This lesson will let them understand the importance of combining spices as a way of infusing the chicken with a lot of flavor. This also teaches kids about patience – making them realize that good things come to those who wait. There are several whole chicken options to choose and make sure that you choose the right type and the right size.

Marinate, Simmer and Boil

Boiling is easy to do, and kids can cook great tasting food as long as they accurately follow a recipe that involves boiling. And the best recipe you can introduce to your child to master this technique is Adobo. Some might think that Adobo requires frying; however, a few variations of Adobo skip that part and only require simmering and boiling. Aside from cooking it, you can teach your kid about the marinating process Adobo needs for it to become yummy. And to make sure the result will be rewarding, get your Adobo cut chicken from a trusted brand and recommended by your family or friends. Since chicken is the main ingredient, ensuring that you get fresh and high quality chicken can make or break any recipe.