4 Helpful Mobile Apps That Would Help The Cancer Patients

Forgot your lunch date? No worries! This isn’t as “harmful” as forgetting the medication or a doctor’s appointment! Yes, while you or someone you love is going through the process of cancer treatment, becoming a little unorganised is not very abnormal as you go through different types of stresses. However, thanks to the latest enhancements in the field of mobile technology along with the dedication and devotion of the app developers worldwide that healthcare centres are improving. Here is a list of a few useful mobile apps for the patients, who are going through the cancer treatment 婚介.

#1 My Chemo Brain
Well, first, this extremely helpful app is available for free. Now, how does it help? Well 相親, most of the people, who are going through the chemotherapy phase can suffer from a foggy mind, can become a bit forgetful! This thoughtful application comes in handy to take necessary notes of what your doctor is suggesting and prescribing. It helps to organise all the notes and medical reports that are necessary for your next doctor’s appointment. Moreover, it caters by giving a detailed note of illness, complications, side effects you might come across during the process of treatment speed dating hong kong.

#2 CareZone
Make your cancer treatment process smoother with this extremely useful app. Remembering all the medication schedules and details might become a bit hard for the patient. To make it simpler, CareZone offers some cool features like taking a picture of the medication and automatically storing the name along with the dosage details in the app. Moreover, it offers the feature of maintaining a journal, a calendar, schedules, reminders that would help the patient and the medical team helping the patient out.

#3 Pocket Cancer Care Guide
The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship came up with this amazing app to offer the cancer patients a digital pocket guide. With the help of it, users can take note of doctor’s answers, take notes of appointment schedules. More interestingly, users would get a detailed list of medical terminologies that is very helpful to relate to the treatment process.

#4 My Medical
This app is just like a mini-database storing all the medical information of the patient. Starting from allergies to medication details and dosage, lab report records, doctor’s and medical team’s contact numbers – the user can save everything in it. The most interesting fact about this application is users can save medical information of more than one person using this My Medical application. Hence, this app is just perfect for families and couples.

Some of the other helpful apps for cancer patients are CaringBridge, iHealth Log, Cancer Terms Pro etc. Well, these apps definitely cannot cure cancer but can cater the patients and their beloved ones to organise their lives by providing some impressive features.