20 DOs and DON’Ts of Sex

Let’s be honest, nobody was born knowing how to have sex. Most of the techniques we have learned are from ex-partners, friends, or simply from spending a lonely night at home ‘learning’ from the Internet. Not all advice is accurate, and many of the techniques you are learning could actually be standing in the way of pleasurable sex, and that isn’t good, is it? I am going to take you through the Do’s and Don’ts of sex. Honestly, listen to my advice and you will feel like you are in heaven each and every time.

DO make it obvious that you are enjoying yourself. No, I don’t mean massive orgasmic screams Shibuya Kaho . A couple of moans here and there wouldn’t go amiss though. Eventually your partner will able to read you and know exactly what you want, and when you want it! Of course, it’s a learning process, so make it as easy as possible for your partner, eh?

Women, DON’T ever try to give a hand job. We aren’t at school anymore. What may have been seen as pleasurable at age 15 is much less exciting now. In fact, many guys have actually said the hand job is not a very pleasurable experience. Too many women simply do not know how to do it right, and god forbid they squeeze it too hard!

DON’T tell your partner to cum for you. Yes, I know you have their best intentions at heart when you say it, but honestly, it isn’t really going to help matters. No matter how much you tell your partner to cum it just isn’t going to happen. You actually need to give them pleasure for it to work. To cap it off, they may think they are going too slow and as a result become fairly disheartened.

DON’T stick to one sex position. Honestly, it becomes boring when you don’t know how to do anything other than the missionary. That relationship didn’t last long at all. Likewise, don’t do anything too long. Yes, guys, Blow Jobs can really go on too long.

DO pace yourself. Foreplay helps with the pleasure of sex, trust me. So many people rush sex, and it isn’t meant to be like that. It is meant to be an intimate and romantic experience, so try to make it last as long as possible. It honestly won’t last long if that penis is straight in the vagina as soon as those trousers come off. Guys, I am looking at you for this one.

DON’T force your partner into doing something that they don’t want to do. Many people do this and they wonder why the sex isn’t pleasurable! This means no begging, really, no begging. If you beg long enough then the partner will give in, but you don’t want that. Show that you care for them, let them enjoy sex too!

DO wash before sex. I know this isn’t always possible, but please try. There is nothing worse than having sex with a dirty man or woman. Remember, it is your private parts which are going to smell the worse. Show your partner that you take pride in your appearance and shower! Or at least give yourself a quick wash with a flannel.

DON’T force a woman’s head onto your penis whilst she is giving head. Remember, she isn’t giving a BJ for her benefit, in fact, she is probably getting nothing out of it. If you ‘force’ her, then it won’t be pleasurable at all and she will be very reluctant to do it next time!

DO inject a bit of imagination into your sex. It stops it becoming boring, and ladies, this may be the only chance that you get to actually have sex with Russell Crowe (or any other hot actor!).

DON’T expect anything sexually that you aren’t willing to give back. Guys, this means that if a woman gives you a BJ, she deserves some tongue action in return.

DO make eye contact with the person you are making love to. It really adds to the romantic nature of the situation, which makes everything that much more pleasurable!

DO have a sense of humour. Sometimes things will happen during sex that don’t exactly go as planned. Try to make light of the situation and laugh at what goes on, rather than crawling away and dying from embarrassment. Yes people, everybody has fallen off the bed at least once during their sexual escapades.

DO put a bit of effort into looking and feeling your best before sex. This goes for guys and girls. If you feel good about yourself you will honestly feel so much more confident before the passionate love making begins.