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Payday Loan Financial Assessment

Payday loan could be a very helpful financial tool in the time of unforeseen financial crisis. Sometime they are considered as better option than other financial products from traditional bank or other institutions. However, like any other good deeds payday loans have some drawbacks attached with them which could do some severe damage to the borrower’s financial status. A payday loan is always considered as high demanding financial commitment that needs to be fulfilled very precisely. Failing to do meet the commitment could lead the borrower to greater financial trouble and even to bankruptcy if the borrower could not respond to its requirements promptly.

What is Payday loan?

It is always recommended that you stay protected from unwanted debt bindings by performing a financial assessment prior to committing to an instant cash advance.

Payday loan is a type of unsecured loan which is provided for in small amounts and for a short period of time. The financial entities who deal in payday loan are generally known as direct payday loan lenders. Most of the direct lenders perform their operations online therefore payday loan is massively available for the borrowers at their convenience. The loan processing system of payday loan is fast and do not require any paper works which makes it easier to avail and rapidly popular.

As payday loan is a type of unsecured loan, so the borrowers do not have to deposit any collateral against the loan amount therefore they are treated as higher credit risk than other types of borrowers. As a result, the APR of payday loans tend to be higher than traditional loans. So the borrower has to pay a handsome amount of interest along with the principal amount after the loan maturity date. As it is a short term loan, the borrowers only a few weeks to repay the loan. If the borrowers fail to repay the entire loan amount with the due date then they have to pay additional charges, late fees and penalties. In addition, continuous non-payment would lead the borrower to face bankruptcy and legal actions.Therefore, it highly recommended to every potential borrower to perform a personal financial assessment before signing up for a payday loan.

How to do financial assessment?

Payday loans are provided in various amount and the borrowers are allowed to choose the amount according to their needs and capability. It is recommended not to choose the loan amount more than they need or they are capable of repaying on time. This will allow you to avoid paying any extra interest and unwanted financial burden. The borrowers would also get the option of choosing the loan period. The borrowers should not obtain a loan longer than they required. Also the borrowers should assess the availability of fund in future this will allow them to repay the entire loan amount in a single repayment.

While signing up for a loan, the loan amount and the repayable amount would be shown to the potential borrower along with the repayment date. If the borrowers feel the doubt that it would not be possible for them to repay the entire loan amount within the maturity date, then it suggested finding some alternative options or considering the loan amount and duration.

As a responsible financial establishment, Daily Loan understands the consequences of miss-payment and always suggests its users to have a proper financial assessment before signing up for a loan.


Payday Loan
Instalment Loan
Example Representative APR 5405%
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Example Representative APR 435%
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