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Complaint Procedure - Basic Criteria

Handling each and every complaint with equal importance with fast, fair and helpful manner is the key feature of our service delivery procedure. There are certain criteria that the client has to meet to become eligible for making a complaint about our company. Firstly the complaint has come from a private individual and when that individual bought up the complaint he/she must has been a client of Daily Loan and the complaint has to be related with being a client of Daily Loan.

How we treat you complaint

After receiving the complaint, the thing we do first is to verify that whether the complaint is fulfilling the eligibility criteria. If it fails to meet the criteria then we decide the complaint is not eligible and write to the complainant explaining the reason. To ensure the accuracy of our decision we review any feedback by the complainant. After receiving any further details in the feedback we write again to the complainant informing if the complaint fulfilled the eligible criteria for further procedure. Daily Loan is always committed to provide the best service, but sometimes we might become unable to keep up our service quality as per customer expectation. If that situation occurs we will definitely try our best for ensuring that complaint making procedure easy the best possible way by handling a complaint with upmost significance regardless it is in writing, email or over the phone.

Complaint Making Process

For making a complaint to Daily Loan one can use different communication method like by writing a letter, electronic mail or over the phone. While sending emailing, it is suggested to give a contact number or postal adders the complainant do not wish accept reply through email. You can find our contact details in Contact Us. Daily Loan keeps record of all complaints to improve our service and product.

We will definitely put our best effort to thoroughly check the complaints thoroughly, imply a fair and careful investigation and response in humble manners. Upon receiving we target to reply for the complaints within fifteen working days. If we are unable to provide you an entire response within 15 days as there is a requirement of elaborate investigation, we will provide an intermediate explanation. This will inform you about the measures have been taken to deal with your complaint and the expected time of full reply.

If you are not happy with the resolution after this procedure, then for further advice and guidance you can contact with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). Your any legal rights would not be affected by this. For more details please click Here .

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